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Putting rank in the chart-list.

Here is a simple scan I wrote for finding solid stocks in an uptrend.

[type = stock]
and [ [yesterday's close > 20] and [ yesterday's close <50 ] ]and [sma (20,Volume)> 800000]
and [ [exchange is NASD] or [exchange is NYSE] ]

and [Today's MACD Line(12,26,9) > 0]
and [Today's Chande Trend Meter > 60.0]
and [Today's CMF(20) > 0.05]
and [EMA(50) > EMA(200) ]

rank by [Chande Trend Meter]

When I save the results to a new chart-list the Chande rank disappears even though it is there in the results page.
Is there anyway to have the chart-list include whatever we want to rank/sort our results by? Thanks


  • Wouldn't that be wonderful? I've always want to see that data, too. Maybe they don't do it because the data changes from day to day, so it could be misleading.

    However, if you save the list as a new list, or replace an existing list, the dialog box has a check off option to "preserve sort order".

    If you check that off, the list name for leading stock get a prefix, 0010, the next 0020, etc., so the stocks appear in the list in the "rank by" order.

    If you want to sort further, the summary page then allows you to add numbers for any other sort you select once the list is saved.

    So let's say you re-sort by industry, then re-number the list (using the sort button at the bottom of the summary page). Now your list is in primary order by industry and secondary order by your rank by criteria - so it might start 0010 0021 XYZ, then 0020 0025 ABC, then 0030 0037 QRS, etc.

    Hopefully that helps.

  • You are so helpful here that I have presumed you are one of them, and work for Stockcharts. If that is not correct your generous assistance to so many people is even more extraordinary. Thank you so much for all your help.
  • Thanks for the kind words.

    No, I'm a subscriber. But I've been at it a while and enjoy sharing and learning from others, so it works out all around.
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