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Trying to get a list of ETNs - list turns up empty

List turns up empty but I know there is at least one ETN on StockCharts - i.e. XIV - How come I can't get a list of others on a scan though I know there are more such HYG, and JNK and CEFL.

Reduced scan to basic but produces 0

[group is ETN]
and [exchange is not OTCMKT]
and [exchange is not NSE]
and [exchange is not LSE]
and [exchange is not TSX]

p.s. works for ETFs if I replace "ETN" with "ETF"


  • As far as I know, Stockcharts does not have a separate group for ETNs. Many seem to be grouped as ETFs. I'm not sure if the groups are constructed by Stockcharts staff, or whether there is something in the data received from the vendor, or a combination.

    In any case, a workaround would be:

    and [name contains "ETN"]

    That gets CEFL. (HYG and JNK are ETFs - enter the symbols individually to see their full names).

    Or, you might try

    [group is ETF]
    [name contains "ETN"]

    By itself, that gets 999 results, so you would need to cut it down with some other conditions.

    If you are looking for a specific sponsor, you could add the company name, e.g.

    and [name contains "iShares"]
  • Thanks very much - the "name contains" clause works for me.
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