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Is there a way to identify a major volume change within an intraday time frame

I am curious how an intraday volume spike can be identified within a tight time frame of 1 to 5 minutes

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    Drop the indicators: FORCE, CMF, PVO, and VWAP on your intraday chart. Spikes in these suggest increased volume activity. Try a larger intraday period too.


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    You can't scan for intraday values for indicators or price or volume.

    That said, you might get creative about using daily indicators to spot unusual volume activity. If it's really major, the total volume will be some major fraction of or even greater than the previous day's volume, or maybe a moving average of volume. For instance, if you scan for today's volume greater than yesterday's volume and you run that scan in the first hour or two, a hit would tell you there is unusual volume. There are many possible variations of that scan that you could play with. Not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe somewhat useful.
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