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Is anyone else having trouble with charts today?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2017
    Do you mean interpreting them, or viewing them? :)

    Interpreting is always a challenge. No problems viewing them so far.
  • I meant viewing them in real time but I figured out the problem.
    thanks for asking.
  • I like to leave a dozen charts open on my browser tabs to check the charts every few hours. But when my PC goes to sleep, stockcharts logs me out and then demands reentry of the settings to show me a chart. How can I keep my charts alive longer?
  • I'm assuming you mean by keeping a dozen charts open that you have a separate browser window or tab for each one. On the Stockcharts side, that would be twelve idle connections that they have to pay for, which probably is not economic for the subscription price charged.

    It sounds like you are leaving the windows open because you are manually entering the settings for each chart.

    You can avoid doing that by creating one or more chart styles. Instructions for that are here, about half way down the page under the heading "Creating Chart Styles"

    A chart style will save all your settings. If you have one "go to" style, make it your default and every time you open any chart, those settings will be used (you can changed to another saved chart style, or modify the default style, at any time).

    Another thing you could do is put all your charts in one list, and just open one browser window in 10 per page view and scroll down to see each chart. I'm not sure, but you might get a longer time out window that way.

    If you want one style for all charts, click on any chart in the list, which takes you to Chart Workbench. Select a built in style, or a style you have saved, then click the apply all button at the bottom of the page.

    If you want a separate style for any chart in the list, select the chart, apply the style or make any changes to the current style, and save the chart (save button at top of page).
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