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Historical Price Date on Extra Subscription

I probably totally misunderstand this, but as I look at the difference between data
plans (, I see something
like what I copied below. (apologies - its hard to line up columns. Maybe next
time a table in HTML
--------------------------------- free------Basic-------Extra--------PRO
Historical Price Data __________to 1980___to 1980___to 1900
So for historical data I would occasionally like to create a historical chart going back
as far as I can - which is 20 years, 11 months, and 30 days or about 21 years.
2017-21 = 1996. So I guess I misunderstand what getting historical data (to 1980)
means. Could this be explained?

Thanks, cactus


  • Thanks. Since I learned that charts can go back to 1980, and my charts are always set to Predefined Range (which can't do that), I checked using Start/End and Wa La! I watch a daily market summary where the timespan of the chart is increased or decreased to show something and thought that was pretty neat. If I switch over to Start/End, I'll be able to use that to zoom in or out. Thanks again!
  • If you have some personal down time, it can be worthwhile just checking out the available options under each menu item on the main pages, and the drop downs on pages like the Advanced Scan Workbench and the Chart Workbench.

    Also, they keep updating the documentation (but don't seem to mention it anywhere) under Help (way up in the right hand corner on the main Member page), so it's getting more comprehensive and easier to understand. You can't do it all at once, but a few minutes here and there can be really enlightening from time to time.
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