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real time

Would there be anyway anyone could reach Stock Charts for me? I have been trying to reach them via email and support for over a yr with no response. My credit card got goofed up and they where not able to bill me for DEC. I have the problem fixed but cannot reach them to have real time reactivated..


  • Well, the days of personal attention are over, I think. Too expensive. It's all done on line now.

    Have you tried to activate real time ( or re-activate - probably the same thing) on line?

    If not, on the member page, click on My Account in the upper left under your name, then on the Your Stockcharts Account page, look in the top section - Membership Details. You will see Service Level (Basic, Extra, Pro, etc.) and under that is Data Plans. To the right of that is a link called Manage Data Plans. When you go to that page, you should be able to select the plan you want, then follow the links to pay.
  • I look thru this a dozen times and did not see this, thx you so much.....
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