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futures contract list

Hello, I would like to create a new chartlist with all futures contracts only (SP500, Euro, Gold, Oil, Sugar etc.) What is the easiest way of doing this, rather than searching individually to make my list ?
Thank you


  • You could use the site search function for symbols.

    Most contract symbols begin with a carat, which looks like and upside down V (it's above the number 6 on the top row of number keys on most keyboards - so it's Shift-6, which comes out as ^.

    In the "Sharp Chart" search window at the top of the Member page, enter the carat alone, or, add a keyword for the contract, like oil or cocoa, etc.

    So, start with ^ and press enter.

    If you want only oil contracts enter ^ oil

    If you want only 2018 contracts enter ^ 2018


    I haven't tried it, but you may be able to do something similar with a scan, e.g.

    and [symbol contains "^"]
    and [name contains "oil"]
    and [name contains "2018"}

    Then you could merge the results into a list, or put them into a temp list, edit the temp list, then merge the temp list into a final list.

  • Thank you Markd ! I found a better way though. Using Sharp Chart search, just type "contract". This brings up all continuous futures contracts as well as monthly expiration too.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2018
    Great! Even better. Thanks for sharing that.
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