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10-15% correction from 52 week High

Hi, I would like to scan optionable stocks corrected between 10 and 15% from their 52 week high within last 2 weeks. Please help. Thank you.


  • To get the 52 week high, I think you would compare the max high for the last 10 days equal to the max high for the past 251 days (keeping everything in the same time frame). Then you could look for today's close less than 10 days max high times .9 and greater than max high times .85.
  • Thanks for your reply Markd ! Can you please write these as scan conditions ? I am bit confused here. Thank you.
  • The first part is just making one max( ) condition = to the other max() condition.

    The second part is simple math. For instance, to get 90% of something, multiply it by .9; 85% would be .85.

    Then you want the close to be less than max high times .9 and greater than the max high times .85
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