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Filter REITS

Is there a way to exclude REITs from a scan?
I have searched using filter reits and exclude reits .
I have a simple scan looking for Canadian stocks making new 52 week highs and would like to exclude REITs and Income trusts>


  • I don't think there is a perfect way, but here are some "hacks".

    You may be able to exclude a lot of them using

    and [name not contains "REIT"]

    But there will probably be others that don't have REIT in the name, or else have a variation of REIT, like R.E.I.T or RE Trust, etc.

    If that's the case, then you need a separate statement for each variation, or some part of the variations might be common, like

    and [name not contains "Trust"]

    But then, you may also exclude stocks that are not REITs but just have Trust in the name, like say a bank.

    For the few that might elude these conditions, you can specifically exclude symbols:

    and [symbol is not "ABC"]

    or whatever.

    Don't use "contains" on symbols, because a lot of letter combinations are shared by many symbols. You have to specify the complete symbol and say "is not".

    It will probably take several tries to eliminate them all.
  • Thank you mark. All stocks I want to exclude contain "/un"
    What would be the proper syntax to exclude all symbols that contain "/un" ?
  • Can you say [symbol does not contain/}
    This seems to work.
  • if the NAME includes "/un" then you would write

    and [name not contains "/un"]

    if the SYMBOL includes "/un" then you would write

    and [symbol not contains "/un"]

    Note there is no "does", just the operator "not".
  • I tried that but syntax doesn't seem to recognize [ / ]
  • Do you have some actual symbols and names?

    Or, if you want, post the scan and I'll look at the results.
  • I got a scan to work using [NAME NOT CONTAINS "INVESTMENT TRUST"]

    Thank you for your help. I wouldn't have got there on my own.
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