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Stocks that outperform SPY

How can I scan for stocks that outperform the SPY?


  • Well, first you have to decide what "outperform" means.

    Let's say it means the stock has a better ROC(63) than SPY- that is, it has risen more in three months than the SPY.

    If you have a list you want to compare to SPY, add SPY to the list, then run a scan that includes the list name and rank by ROC(63)

    [favorites list is 99] // my list

    rank by ROC(63)

    The results above SPY are out performing.

    Another way would be to add ROC(63) to a chart of SPY and note today's SPY value, say 10.5.

    Then you would run a scan that includes a line for ROC(63) > 10.5

    and [ROC(63) > 10.5]

    Each time you run the scan, you would have to edit the 10.5 value to the current reading for SPY.
  • Thanks for the chart tip. My strategy is to sell 30 delta weekly covered calls on stocks that outperformed the SPY.
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