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Scan Indicator shown on all scan results

Hello, When doing a psar scan for example below:
and [ Daily SMA(40, daily close) > 0.99]
and [yesterday's parabolic sar(0.04,0.12) > yesterday's close]
and [today's parabolic sar(0.04,0.12) < today's close]

after scanning the chart results (or Chart List/Chart Book) are displayed with out the Psar indicator shown. How can this be displayed automatically, or applied to all the results from the scan? Thank you kindly


  • The indicators you choose to include in your scan have no effect on what appears on the charts in the results list.

    The results of a scan are displayed in the Default chart style you have created (or maybe the Stockcharts "SCC default" style if you haven't created your own).

    To apply a chart style that is not the Default, save the scan results to a list, display the list in 10 per page view and click on any chart to get to the Chart Workbench. From the Chart Styles drop down, select a chart style you have created (or a built in style if it suits you). Then go to the bottom of the page and click the "Apply style to all" button. Then go back to 10 per page view and all charts will be in the style you selected and applied.

    So, when you create a scan, it is a good idea first to create a chart style that includes the items you are using in your scan so it will be in the Chart Styles drop down when you need it.
  • Excellent and Thank you kindly!
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