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New Suffix for all Canadian Exchanges

On the Feb 10 2018 Stockcharts Outlook webinar with Greg Schnell, starting at the 41:20 mark he outlines how Stockcharts is listing all the Canadian exchanges under the umbrella suffix '.ca'.

I noted with interest that he mentions this includes the NEO exchange. I have tried some of the symbols from NEO (EG: BHAV), but I cannot get it to come up on Stockcharts.

Does anyone else know anything further regarding this?


  • Seems like it hasn't been implemented yet.

    If you do a search *.to or *.v you get results, but if you do *.ca you get no results found.

    Maybe email greg to see what's up.
  • Thanks. He says it has yet to roll out, but can be expected in a month or two.
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