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Wrong syntax?


Just now I ran the following scan:

[type = stock]
[country is US]
[[exchange is NYSE] OR [exchange is NASDAQ]]
[optionable is true]
[volume > 1000000]
[[close * 1.05] X EMA(20)]

I expected the scan to show the stocks for which yesterday's closing price plus 5% crossed over the EMA(20).

But, here's one of the results:

Range Resources (NYSE: RRC)
Yesterday's EMA(20) = 14.16
Yesterday's closing price = 13.63

What's wrong?

Thank you!

Doctor T


  • seems to be right

    yesterday 2/13

    ema 20 = 14.21

    close = 13.14 x 1.05= 13.80; below ema

    today 2/14

    ema 20 = 14.16

    close = 13.63 x 1.05 = 14.31; above ema

    or did I miss something?
  • DoctorTDoctorT
    edited February 2018
    Dear Mark D,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Oops! I meant to identify stocks for which the closing share price crossed over the EMS (20) plus a percentage.

    I should have written [close X [EMA(20)*1.05]]

    Today I lowered the percentage to 3% and, to identify NEW crossovers, I added [yesterday's close < EMA(20)] and it appears to be working.

    Doctor T

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