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Why does the past data feature always lagging days behind?

I'm a pro-member and when I try to download historical data, the data lags behind by at least a day sometimes indicators or indexes starting with ! are lagging several days. Can this be fixed? What is the expectation of when this data should be updated? I was told that most indicators and stocks are updated around 7pm. Is this still true?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2018
    I think most data gets it's final update between 5 and 6 pm eastern although it can be later. I'm usually on (running scans) when it is happening and it seems to be done at the latest by 6:15. But there may be other updates I'm not aware of that go later than that.

    I'm pretty sure daily raw data for stocks should be available under past data by 7 pm.

    The "!" indexes are from Decisionpoint, a firm that merged with Stockcharts. My guess is, Decisionpoint still updates those indexes. Lack of updates may be an oversight, or it may depend on the time frame the indicator requires - e.g. a weekly indicator might not be updated until the end of the week - I'm just guessing. If it's possible to email Erin Heim, who does the live webinars, she may know the schedule for updating those indexes - again, just guessing.

    Another alternative is to email support with a detailed post (screen shots showing time) on data that has not been updated in a reasonably timely way.
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