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high and low of a chartlist

I would like to know if it is possible to export in excell the high and low from a charlist?
Thank you.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2018
    You can create a simple scan that contains only the name of the list (select the list from the Chart List drop down on the Advanced Scan Workbench; delete the default text that's there when you open the page, and also delete the "and" in front of the favorites list you selected).

    Then, on the results page, choose Download as CSV.

    The csv contains this data:

    Symbol Name Exchange Sector Industry SCTR Universe Close Volume

    You can sort on close to get the highest and lowest close and delete the rest.
  • Mark, I can get to this point but results only gives:Symbol Name Exchange Sector Industry SCTR Universe Close Volume.
    i am looking for high and low. Can column be added? Thanks
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2018
    The stocks with the highest close is likely to also have the highest high, and vice versa, but if you need the actual data for each stock I understand that's not enough. As far as I know, you cannot customize the data included in a csv download file, except indirectly using the "rank by" statement.

    So, if you added to the scan above

    rank by high

    the csv would have the highs listed in the last column.

    Then you could do the same for the lows, then do some work in Excel to merge the data in the two files. Not very convenient. There is also "Past Data" to download, but that's a lot of work, too, especially with a long list.

    I'm not sure how you want to use the data, but I wonder if there are existing alternatives, maybe with custom parameters, to get you there. You've probably already considered these things, but just thinking out loud. Maybe look at price channels of some length as an alternative, or maybe customize average true range (ATR) or Fast Stochastics?
  • It works, i don't mind the 2 scan. Thank you
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