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heikin ashi scan

hi everyone

i need some help. I tried many time to code scanner with my needs but failed.
i want to scan with only criteria 3-4 heikin ashi RED candles and following with 1 or 2 green heikin ashi. Can someone help me?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2018
    I took a look at this. I don't see HA-red or HA-green candles as options in any of the Advanced Scan Workbench drop downs. If they were available, you would just look for today green, 1 day ago green, 2 days ago red, 3 days ago red, etc. But, it looks like you can't do that.

    Theoretically, it might be possible to write a scan that synthesizes HA red and green candles, but if you look at how HA candles are calculated

    it would be extremely complicated. Maybe that's why there are no HA-red, HA-green options in the drop downs. It's not something I would want to undertake either.
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