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How do I scan for Range greater than 2 X any 14 ago period
and close is 10% below the Range at the bottom..


  • The largest range for any period would be max(?, range) where "?" is the number of bars in the look back period (in your case, 14).

    Two times that would be max(?, range) * 2

    I don't know what you mean by

    "close is 10% below the Range at the bottom."

    A close is always inside the range of the current bar. The close can equal the high or low, but it cannot be above or below the high or low.

    So 10% of which range?

    And below which bottom?
  • Close is10 % Below the low of the Range...Markd shouldn't it be min(?,range) because I want the close really oversold.
  • Sorry Mark I mean the body is 10 % from the low ie..close-low< .1 * range...
    Let's see if this is the right syntax: and [range > min(14, range)*2
    and [ close-low < .10 * range ]....Markd will this do it?
  • min(14, range) would give you the shortest bar of the last 14.

    max(14, range) would give you the tallest bar of the the last 14.

    I'm assuming you want the current bar to be taller (longer) than any of the 14 bars before it.

    So it would be

    and [range > 1 day ago max(14, range)]

    and [close - low < .1 * range]

    The max( ) and min( ) functions don't say anything about the direction of the range.

    If you want to be sure that you are testing a for a down leg, you could add a test for the direction of a short term MA, or test for the lowest close in x bars, e.g.

    and [close = min(14, close)]
  • Markd, I want the range (high-low) to be 2 X lower than the lowest (high-low) any 14 periods ago..not the body of bars...thanks for your help..hope this clarifies my question.
  • [type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 40000]and
    [Range > 1 day ago max(14, Range)*2]
    and [Close-low<.1*Range]
    and [Close< min(14, close]
    #Markd , I tried this and the last syntax is not correct...
  • Markd, miss the close works for 1.25 times..nothing comes out for 2X
    Thanks a lot for your help..
  • I'm sure if you test back far enough you will get 2x examples. Maybe not enough, though.
  •'s a stock that you should buy come Monday...ASCMA
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2018
    I see what you are thinking. Interesting idea, but too soon for me (not a judgement, just a matter of style). Thanks!
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2018
    @daniel_fromcebu Starting to look like this could work out - a couple of above average volume days that didn't make new lows. That's good in a down trend.
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