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Scans I run for data around the 50 obtain many results. Is there something I can add to be <30 or >50. That would still bring in results for those going down as opposed to only going up?
Thanks for any ideas.

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  • MacRMacR
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    Mark thank you for the quick work. I'm going to play with it to find just those going in the up positions. You work on 5 and 14 days?
    Great Work!


  • You could try something like

    and [RSI(14) < 5 days ago RSI(14)]

    In other words, compare the current value to a recent past value. You can experiment with the number of days ago that works best.
  • No, that was just an example for determining direction. I don't use RSI.
  • You have me on that one Mark!! CCI?
  • Same thing. Just plug in CCI for RSI. I don't use that one either.
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