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Has anyone written a scan with multiple dates?

I'm trying to write a scan where Aroon Up (20) has hit 100 for the first time today after being below 30. Driving me nuts.


  • You need the "x" operator for crossing above 100.

    and [Aroon UP(20) x 100]

    But that only says, Aroon was below 100 yesterday and is above it today.

    If you want to specify that this is the first crossing in x bars, then you need to use the max( ) function, so maybe

    and [1 day ago max(??, Aroon Up(20)) < 100]

    That says Aroon has not been above 100 for ?? bars.

    Then you need to use the min( ) function to test for at least one value below 30 over some number of bars, e.g.

    and [1 day ago min(??, Aroon Up(20)) < 30]

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