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Turtle Rules adapted for stockcharts scans

edited March 2018 in Trading Strategies
Hi chartists, Has anyone ever written a scan using the "Turtle Rules" as source ?


  • The entry portion was just a channel breakout - one method used 20 days, another used 55 days.

    So, one scan might be

    and [close x Upper Price Chan(20)]

    But, it really needs a refinement, because once prices start climbing (if they do) you will get a signal every few days. So, you probably want to see a period of flatness in the upper price channel before the breakout. Like

    and [5 days ago Upper Price Chan(20) = 10 days ago Upper Price Chan(2)]
    and [close x Upper Price Chan(20)]

    If you want to catch a new long term up trend early, you might want to test for larger time frame price channel falling, like

    and [Upper Price Chan(63) < 30 days ago Upper Price Chan(63)]
    and [Upper Price Chan(63) <= Upper Price Chan(251)]

    That would get situations where the larger time frames are still falling. But, if the larger trend is still down, 20 day highs are often good shorts.
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