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Please Help! How to scan based off of the period time frame

I have my scan all set up but I want to know if I can make it scan for a different period
For example $FB RSI is 35 right now on a daily period, but if you change the period to 15 minutes, the RSI is 56
So my question is if I were to make a scan that said RSI >50 how would I make FB show up on that scan

Below is my scan by the way
[type is stock]
and [today's close > SMA(200)] // I would want this to stay as a daily period

and [Close < 150.00]
and [Close > 30.00]
and [Volume > 300,000]
and [RSI(14) < 35.00] // and this to change to a 15 minute period

Thanks all in advance!


  • The scan engine does not have data for intraday time frames like an hour or fifteen minutes or five minutes. The smallest time frame is daily, then it goes up from there to weekly and monthly.

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