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Removing a forum post

Is there to remove, or have removed, a post I made to one of the forums?


  • edited March 2018
    Why is it that this question is totally ignored? There should be either a yes or a no. It really shouldn't be kept secret, nor should the topic be avoided - should it? Content I posted should either be able to be removed or it won't be removed. Please respond.
  • I read your post this morning and have deleted your scan code as requested.

    Note: Posts are normally only deleted for violations of the "terms of service" or if the posts are abusive. In some cases the whole thread may need to be deleted.

    The main problem in deleting individual posts is that the thread can become disjointed, ie the following comments related to that post may no longer make any sense.

    Also note this site is not run by StockCharts, it is a user to user help forum and is run by user volunteers who periodically check the site and provide assistance when time is available.

    In the future, if you want to share something privately with another user, the best option is to send them a private message. Just click on their name and then select the message link. However please use this option as little as possible, as the best way for all users to learn and benefit from our combined experience is to share our knowledge publicly.

    I hope this answers your question and gives you some new ideas.

    Gord, just another user volunteer
  • Thanks. I hope not to be to sabusive. I wasn't aware of being able to send a private message and if I do ever do such a thing it is sure to be very rare. I apologize again and am thankful.
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