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Managing charts

Is it possible to search for a particular chart in all my chart lists containing a certain word (like My daily setup) in the name? Is it possible to export all my charts name to an excel file in order to do some search or sorting etc.


  • If you display a list in "Summary" view, to the right above the first list entry is a "Search table" tool. However, it searches only on the current list.

    As far as I know, the only identifiers that get exported are the symbol and company name (or etf or fund, etc.), but not your custom name, e.g. 01 01 IBM.
  • Thanks markd. With a possibility of 250 chartlist and 500 charts per chartlist, I would like to have the possibility to search a particular chart by custom name whitin 125 00 charts!
  • I guess my question would be, how could you remember the unique names of 12500 charts!

    But my next guess would be that the names have some symbolic value for a particular characteristic, or set of characteristics, that the stock meets (or met at one time).

    My question would be, did you find those characteristics by scanning for them, or by eyeballing the charts?

    If you scanned for them, of course you can find them again by re-running the scan, or having some method to group the results as you get them- e.g. 10 day low - Energy, 10 day low Materials, etc.

    On the other hand, if you are picking patterns by eye that can't be recognized by a scan, that's a problem. But you could have, say, a head and shoulders list, and use the edit view to copy them from a home list, e.g. All Big Cap Industrials, to H and S - Industrials.

    But I'm just rambling, you've probably already thought of all that.
  • I found a way to search for a chart by custom name in all of my chartlists. First search by symbol then enter the custom name or a part of it in "search table" box and that's it.
  • Clever. Thanks for sharing the solution.
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