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how to get scan results in weekly chart format?

I looked everywhere i could think of to get an answer to this question: How can i get my scan results in weekly chart format and not in the daily chart format as it seems to be by default?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2018
    Scan results are displayed in the "Default" chart style. Stockcharts comes with a "Default" style out of the box, but you can create your own.

    If you only ever want one chart style, just create that style on the Chart Workbench and select "Save as Default".

    If you would like to switch between Default chart styles, you can modify the "Default" chart style at any time with a chart style you have created, named an saved.

    So, create the weekly chart style you want, name it and save it, and others as you need them.

    When you want to make one of your custom chart styles the default, bring up a symbol on the chart workbench and select the style you want to use as the default from the Chartstyles drop down.

    Then select "Save as Default".

    Details on creating, naming, saving and using chart styles are here:
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