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formula of an indicator of another indicator


I want to write a scanning formula for the following and wonder if anyone can help

1. When full stochastic KD (125,1,1) of Ulcer index (14) falls below 20.

Can anyone help writing a formula for above condition ? Thanks very much.



  • [group is sp500]

    and [Full Stoch %K(125,1,1, Ulcer(14)) < 20]

    This passes syntax and gets results, but I don't have time to verify them.

    Some indicators will take an extra parameter even when that property is undocumented. I don't know if Full Stoch is one of them. If it doesn't, it might still pass syntax but the results might be for only the first three parameters.
  • Hi Mark

    I will verify the result and check back if any questions. Thanks.
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