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Drawing Parallel Trend Lines.

Is there some method of drawing parallel trend lines using the annotation tool?

I sometimes use a trend channel to determine exits and entries.

My hand is unsteady at times and it would be nice if you could copy and paste a trend line so that you were sure the trend channel was exactly parallel.


  • Select the trend line with the selection tool, press and hold Ctrl, then press "d". It will make an exact copy of the original line, which is now selected. Use the cursor to drag the copy to it's location.
  • Hi mark when I do that I get the Internet explorer add to favorites box.
  • Please be more specific. I'm having trouble, too.
  • Never mind. Thanks anyway. I found it on (at least one way to do it.)

    1. Insert the trend line. (i.e., the bottom line in an uptrend)
    2. Switch to the Selection Tool (the icon to the left of the Line Tool)
    3. Hold down the CTRL key, and click the center of the original line. If on a Mac hold down the COMMAND key, and click the center of the original line.
    4. Drag the new parallel line to the desired position on the chart. (i.e., drag UP on your chart to form the Upper line)
    5. For more information on how to draw Parallel lines please refer to our You Tube Video "Adding Trendlines and Channels".

  • Sorry I wasn't clear. Thanks for the detailed explanation, GemKey. AND - thanks for re-posting so many of the old s.c.a.n. posts. MUCH appreciated.
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