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Ichimoku Scanner

I am trying to build a scanner that will show you when a stock closes 3 candles above the Ichimoku cloud.
I will be appreciated for any help


  • I think you would just use one statement for each day. So, close > Ichi, one day ago close > 1 day ago Ichi, two days ago close > Ichi. That's three bars above. If you want *at least* three bars above, you can stop there. If you want *only* three bars, you would add four days ago close < four days ago Ichi.

    It don't use Ichimoku, so I don't know whether you should use "cloud" or "leading A" etc. You can select the one(s) you want from the the Technical Indicators drop down.

    If you haven't already, also checkout the links at the bottom of the page on the Advanced Scan workbench on writing scans. The documentation has been much improved, with good examples that you can copy/paste/edit. Also, check out the Chart School article on Ichimoku. Many sample scans.
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