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COLOR BLIND--volume bars?

I'm working with a friend who is color blind. When red and green are beside each other he can't see the colors. I've tried "advanced options" within the "INDICATORS" section of the charting software, to change the red-green color volume bars, but it doesn't change the colors of the bars. Any ideas from anyone? Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • On the Chart Workbench, in the Chart Attributes section, on the second line, find "Color Scheme". One is "Color Vision Impaired", but there are many others as well.
  • Thank you...I've been working with "Color Impaired" but was looking for more choices. Your suggestion, though, made me think to use completely different color schemes to experiment with the auto feature in each. Thanks. I'll give this all a whirl and aim for some happy campers over here. Thx.
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