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How to "Rank by "X days ago SCTR" scan

When I "Rank by" an Indicator the list returned has a column show symbols ranked by the indicator .... but when I try to rank scan results by "X Days Ago SCTR" .... the ranking column is missing and it seems items are ranked by "todays SCTR" rather then "X Days Ago SCTR" .... is "Rank by X Days ago SCTR" an acceptable scan element?

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    "rank by" does not (yet) accommodate every feature of the scan language, even if the statement you write passes syntax. It was originally intended to sort a list by a single indicator (e.g. RSI or PPO) or value (e.g. close). It has been improved to do accept some simple math operations but you have to try it to find out if it works.

    In your case, I would try running the scan without the rank by statement and save your results to a list. Then run a simple scan

    [favorites list is ???] // select your results list from the drop down below the criteria window
    rank by SCTR

    then run this scan back-dated (using the calendar tool above the criteria window) to the date you select. Save the results of the second scan back to your list for review.
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