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Scan to return previous day close

I was trying to return a scan that will provide me with previous day close price. Currently I’m only able to return current day close price.Any suggestions


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2018
    A scan only returns symbols that match the scan criteria you provide and some data associated with the matching symbols.

    For each matching symbol, the results page displays the *current* day's close (and other data, like the stock name, sector, industry, etc.). This is true even if you set the run date for the scan to a past date.

    Also, while you can write a scan that looks at the previous day's close, for example

    and [1 day ago close > 10]

    the results page will still show today's close, not the 1 day ago close.

    To verify the scan results, you would download the charts to a list, then apply a chart style with the end date set to the date for 1 day ago.

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    Agree with Markd's comments, but you could also add the following as the last line in your scan.

    rank by [1 day ago close]
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    That's right. Didn't think of that. Thanks!
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