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how to correlate scan with a chart layout

When I run different scans I also use different chart layouts. How can I lock in a chart layout to go with each separate scan and all the results from that scan.


  • That's a great idea, especially if you use different time frames, like daily and weekly and monthly, or look at different classes of symbols - e.g. a scan for stocks, another for etfs, another for indexes. You may find that different indicators work better for each class, or different parameters for the same indicators.

    Unfortunately, right now all results come back only in the default style you choose. That means you have to change the default style before you run the scan, or save the default results to a list and change the chart style for the list. If you scan daily and have a lot of scans, that can be time consuming and a lot of clicking and refreshing, which is distracting.

    I happened to be thinking about this problem recently, and wondered if it would be possible to associate a chart style with a list (i.e., when you save the results in default style to a list, then display the list, it's in the linked chart style, not the default style), but maybe linking a style with a scan is better.

    I think you should submit a suggestion to Support. You will get back a standard answer, but they really do consider suggestions that have a significant benefit, considering the cost of development and maintenance and added complexity, including support. Maybe it could be a "Pro" level feature for the subscribers who would have more use for it and less likely to need support.
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