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ETFs and stocks with weekly options

How can I identify and save a watch list for ETFs with weekly options, and the same for stocks with weekly options? If this is something other than a pre-defined scan can you assist with language. I would also add those reaching new 52 week highs.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2018
    CBOE publishes a list of weekly options:

    This is in Excel format so you can just upload the symbols into a list as follows:

    create an empty list

    in edit mode, select "many"

    copy the symbol column from the CBOE spread sheet

    paste into the "many" window and click "Add many"

    For 52 week highs in the list, the scan would be

    // begin scan

    [favorites list is ?? ] // select your new chart list from the "Chartlists" dropdown

    and [weekly high = weekly max(52, weekly high)]

    // end scan
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