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ADDING Moving Average to the Volume Indicator

Hi could anyone kindly suggest which EMV to apply to my different chart frames 1 hr ,30 min, 15min , 5min 2min ,daily , i am more of a day trader swing trader but general big picture would also help ,

Thanks Best wishes to ALL


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2018
    I'm just guessing here, but based on a little research, it seems that using an average based on one quarter of the number of bars in a day, you get a reasonable result (meaning the taller bars are mostly above the average, and the smaller ones below it; I don't know if it's meaningful, but its a pretty good visual aid). Unfortunately, it seems regardless of time frame, the enormous volumes at the start and end of the day mess up the usefulness of an average. But, worth a try - so for instance, for 5 minutes there are 6 * 13 bars (six 5 minute bars in a half hour, thirteen half hours in a day) or 78, divided by 4 = 19.5, so 19 or 20.
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