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I have set up several automated alerts that I have designated to notify me via e mail, and to then continue running. I have a particular one capturing some stochastic s and MACD triggers. I usually get an early e mail notification of this alert trigger. Assuming it shows 3 stocks that meet this criteria. Now as the day progresses, I never get another automatic alert for this alert criteria. Therefore I have to go and do a manual scan for the same parameters and I will get several new stocks as the day progresses, meeting the alert criteria. Why do I not get additional auto alerts as the day progresses with new stocks being added. To be current I always have to manually run the scan thru out the day.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2018
    I see your point. But apparently, that's the way it's designed to work. See the "Alerts Processing" section here:

    Possibly the original thinking was, since stocks fluctuate, the same signal can trigger several times in a day for the same stock, and they didn't want to annoy subscribers with several notices for the same stock.

    But your point is a valid one, why can't I see when the trigger occurs the first time for each different symbol? That's not redundant information.

    There may be technical reasons that it's not feasible to do this - on a sharp, market wide move, some signals could be triggered for hundreds, maybe thousands of stocks. Imagine what that would do to your inbox...

    I suppose you could delete the spent alert and create a new one. But that's not ideal either.

    But, it's worth contacting Support to suggest some form of enhancement.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I thought that when the alert setup said: After triggering, to continue, that it would continue to monitor thru out the remainder of the day . But evidently, it stops for that day, and resets for a one time trigger the next day and subsequent days.
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