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Keltner Channel

How do I scan for Price Low is at or below the Keltner Channel(lower band) and the OBV trend is rising.


  • The first part is straightforward. Select "Low" from the Price, Volume and SCTRs drop down and click "Add". Then select "Lower Kelt Chan" from the Technical Indicators drop down and click "Add". Then edit the two lines into one line to say low <= lower kelt chan.

    The second part requires comparing OBV values from at least two points in time - today and sometime in the past, depending on how long a trend you want to find.

    So, for a shorter trend, you might say OBV > 20 days ago OBV. For a longer trend, you might say OBV > 60 days ago.

    If you use a much longer trend, say OBV > 120 days ago, you might get some results where OBV is only a little higher, maybe because it's in a range, or just turning up. To minimize that, you can check more than two points, say OBV > 60 days ago OBV AND, 60 days ago OBV > 120 days ago OBV.
  • Thanks Mark..
  • Mark...EQM and ESLT... is a buy come Monday. after Mother's a result of my scan
  • Thanks. I'll take a look.
  • MDP a buy as a result of my scan...Tuesday
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