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Print, a victim of pretty

edited May 2018 in SharpCharts
Some time ago stock charts went to a new interface look. Like most recent tech innovations (ie windows 10) it does not much new, but looks pretty. Unfortunately the member charts lists lost the print button. If you want to display a long list of charts, you either need to save them one a time (time consuming and stupid) or go to 10 per page mode and press CTRL+P and print to pdf. Unfortunately if any chart is long it just gets truncated.
You can view an example (last chart) of an ugly pdf here:
I asked support a year ago and the answer was words to the effect of: design decision and we are never gonna fix it.
If I am the only user who cares, perhaps their "not worth fixing" attitude is right. Does no other user want to "lock in" and share charts? Or perhaps someone came up with a clever work around?


  • I'll just throw in my 2 cents, although it may not fit your situation.

    I've never printed charts directly from the Stockcharts site. I've always downloaded to Powerpoint. I haven't tried it, but I imagine Google Slides would work just as well or better. Apple Keynote, too.

    True, it's not 1 click printing, but it does give you more control - you can print several charts to a page for instance, which could work well for some of your line charts. If your chart style in Stockcharts is sized for Landscape, a chart will fit exactly on a landscape oriented slide. If it's larger, or if it's in Portrait orientation, you can resize and/or rotate the image to print landscape (or choose portrait for all slides, if that works better).

    Another advantage to saving to slides is you are keeping a historical record, which is a terrific learning tool, especially if you annotate with your thoughts of the moment (maybe annotate after printing if you are sharing the charts). And, if you need to re-print as of a certain date, you can from your file instead of adjusting your online chart dates.

    Also, depending on why and with whom you share charts, you might be able to not print at all and just share the file as an attachment.

    But, I don't know if that works for you or is worth the effort in your case.
  • Yes, but that is back to the image one at a time thing. I have a pile of these charts and I need to produce them once a week for my blog. A nasty process, to do onezy twozy. and anoying because there was a button on Stockcharts that did this and they left it out! :)
  • I get it. I guess the only options are to re-size the elements of the larger chart, or split them up into two (or more) charts. Not ideal, but...
  • Just googled your blog. Nice work.
  • Thank you.
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