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can anyone please tell me how to print a statement on a chart that I;m annotating?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2018
    On the Chart Workbench, click on "Annotate" to get into annotate view.

    On the left is a vertical column of icons. The first one is an arrow, then below that a line, then "Aa".

    Click on "Aa".

    You get several selections - Note, Callout, Arrow, etc.

    Click on "Note".

    Then click on the chart. A box appears with highlighted text that says " Type your text here. Press Control-Enter when finished".

    Start typing. Type the whole statement - never mind font or size for now. Press Control Enter when finished. Then click anywhere on the chart to do something else.

    If you want to edit the text or change the font or the size of the box, you can.

    To get back into the box, first you have to select it.

    To select it, click on the "arrow" icon (top of left column of icons) and then click on the message box once to highlight it (you will see a dotted line around the box and yellow dots at the corners)

    Once the box is highlighted you can do several things

    Double click on the box to edit the text. When done, press control-enter.

    While the box is highlighted, to adjust the size of the font, click on the "arrow" icon and click on the message box once to highlight it, then click on the A+ icon (upper left) or A- icon.

    While the box is highlighted, to change the text color, select a color from the color tool at the upper left (click the dropdown arrow to see more colors).
  • ahhh how do I cancel the color that I choose and just go back to normal?
  • I think "normal" is the default blue that is in the big square of the color tool.

    To get that, close all instances of Stockcharts ( if you have it open in more than one browser window). Probably close the browser, too, in case you have other sites open at the same time. I don't know how the cache (the browser's memory) works. Then open the browser again and sign back in to Stockcharts and go to annotate again. It should be there. Highlight the text box with the arrow tool and click the blue square. Then click anywhere else on the chart to de-highlight the text box.
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