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PMO scan

Hi, how do I scan for a weekly PMO buy signal then the pmo line goes positive after the crossover, signalling a buy entry ? Thanks


  • Your first test would be for PMO positive today.

    Then you would test for the conditions preceding PMO becoming positive.

    So both Line and Signal would have been negative for some period of time, meaning the maximum value for each would have been less than 0, so the test would be max( ?, Line) < 0 and then max(?, Signal) < 0.

    Then you need to test for a crossover. You could test for a specific day, like 10 days ago Line x 10 days ago Signal, but that's probably too specific. So instead, you would test for a condition before the crossover and a condition after the crossover. For instance, before the crossover, Line is less than Signal, and after the crossover, Line is greater than Signal. If those two conditions are true, the must have been at least one crossover in between. Now you just have to choose how many days ago (i.e. how far apart in the past) each of those conditions occurred.

    To decide on the parameters for max, and how many days ago, you should probably look at a few charts to see how PMO tends to behave. Unfortunately, there will probably be a pretty wide variation, so any choices you make will be a compromise. It's just a matter of finding the right one for your needs.

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