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EMA/OBV scan

I'm trying to set up the following one scan (in layman's English):

thirty days ago, EMA (50, volume) x EMA (100, volume) (looking for crossover)
and today's EMA (50, volume) > today's EMA 100, volume)
and slope of OBV line for this same time period is upward

Thanks to anyone that can guide me with this!


  • I would suggest, rather than looking for a specific crossover date, you look for short ema below long ema d days ago, and short ema above long ema q days ago. For that to happen, there must have been a crossover. d would have to be further back than q, so you might use d = 50 and q = 20, or whatever seems to work.

    To test for OBV rising, today's value should be greater than the OBV value some number of days back - maybe 50, or 40 or whatever seems to work.
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