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I like to use "Keltner channels". Do you know if we can set up "K. Channels" around "EMA-Lows" on daily charts, instead of the regular "EMA" used ? Thanks in advance Jocelyn Douville


  • With some indicators, like EMAs, you can specify the price you want to work with by adding ",low" or ",high" in the Parameters box in the Overlays section of the chart work bench. The legend on the chart will say, for instance, EMA(50, low).

    This (so far undocumented) feature does not seem to be available for Keltner channels, even though the indicator is based on an EMA. I tried putting "low" in the Parameters box in every possible position, but the chart displays "Invalid Parameter".

  • Mark what type indicator and or overlay would you use if you had just one choose to find a stock reversing?
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