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Why do some stocks not have a SCTR?

I'm running into some stocks that do not have a SCTR value. On my charts, it simply says "UNDEF". One example for reference is TSLF. Why does this occur?

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  • gordgord admin
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    Simple answer is not all stocks have a SCTR ranking. The SCTR is a ranking of a stock within a group, if the stock is not a member of one of the set groups then it will not have a ranking.

    Also note that SCTR rankings should only be compared within the same group, comparisons between different groups may be misleading.

    Here's a link to the ChartSchool article on SCTR's along with its calculation.

    Excerpt from the chartschool article;

    "--- SCTR Universes

    In order for a stock to have a SCTR value, it must first belong to a “Universe.” Universes are large groups of stocks established by for the purpose of relative strength ranking. A stock can only belong to one SCTR Universe at a time. Currently, we use country and/or market capitalization to determine which universe a stock belongs to.

    Here is a list of the current SCTR universes that we support:

    Large-Cap - US stocks that are components of the S&P 500 Index (or were in the past).
    Small-Cap - US stocks that are components of the Russell 2000 Index.
    Mid-Cap - US stocks that have a significant market cap but do not fall into either the Large-Cap or Small-Cap universes.
    ETF - Non-leveraged US ETFs.
    Toronto - Canadian stocks that trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and have significant market cap
    London - Stocks that trade on the London Stock Exchange and have significant market cap
    India - Stocks that trade on the National Stock Exchange of India and have significant market cap

    In order to keep the number of ranked stocks manageable, the exact meaning of the phrase “significant market cap” changes from year to year depending on the number of stocks that qualify for each universe.

    The SCTR Universes are “re-balanced” each year around June 1st.


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