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Scanning: Yesterday's RSI(14) using weekly data points

Hi All,

Any idea on how I can accomplish this? I have tried:

1 day ago weekly RSI(14)

yesterday's weekly RSI(14)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Weekly data looks for end of the week data. I don't think you can scan for mid-week data using a weekly scan, such as "1 day ago weekly RSI (14)" clause.

    However, you can scan for 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago, like:
    and [2 weeks ago RSI (14)]
  • Both versions generate a syntax error "Mixed time periods specified..."

    So, you can't do it.

    You could try translating weekly RSI(14) into a daily indicator - 14 weeks x 5 days in a week would be RSI(70) in a daily time frame. You would have to do some research to see if the two versions are similar enough for your purposes.
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