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Small Screen Chart Styles

Hi -

When I travel I use a laptop with a much smaller screen. One idea I have is to create a new chartlist all with a smaller size chartlist of my most used charts. Besides that, I assume there is not a chart style button I could use that would keep my other parameters (moving averages, time frame etc) but just change the chart size? Does anyone else have a suggestion on how they switch from a large screen to a small when traveling?




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    I don't think you need a new chart list, just a chart style (or as many as you need).

    Assuming you want the same chart style for all stocks in a list, you can open the list, click on a chart to get to the chart workbench (or select "Edit Settings" from the "Actions" drop down.

    Select a style from your list of styles (or a style button with style assigned to it). Then, go to the bottom of the page and click "Apply Style To All".

    For instance, I have monthly, weekly, daily and intraday styles assigned to my style buttons. Changing the entire list is just a matter of following the steps above. You don't need a separate list for each time frame.

    In your case, if you want to keep your small size charts the same as your existing charts except for chart size, you can just make a copy of it and change only the chart size.

    To do that:

    Bring up a chart in an existing saved and named style that you want to shrink.

    Change the screen size to something smaller.

    Now click "Add New" and name the chart style and save it.

    Now click on "Edit Properties" and assign it to a button number.

    A note on naming styles: you may have your own system already for naming chart styles, but for others: the charts are saved to the chart list in alphabetical order. You can take advantage of that by putting a prefix in front of your chart name so they are listed in an order that makes them easy to find.

    For instance, you might label your PC styles 10 01 MACD RSI day, 10 02 MACD RSI wk, 10 10 OBV Slo Sto day, etc.; and then label the laptop ones 20 01 MACD RS day, 20 02 MACD RS wk, 20 10 OBV Slo Sto day, etc.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks this is a big help! When you said apply style to all, wouldn't that then change each chart to the time frame selected in my new style? All of my styles I've created so far have kept their time frame as part of the style i.e. daily,weekly, monthly. So would I need a button for daily small, weekly small, etc? I think I probably would but wanted to get your take.
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    Yes, when you "apply all", every attribute of the current chart will be applied to every other chart in the list.

    So, you would need a separate button for each time frame you want to display in small format. For instance, you might use the top three buttons for large format, and the next three for small format.

    Alternatively, if you don't have enough buttons, or want to use them for other things, you can always select a chart style from the drop down list of saved styles. The buttons are just a little faster.
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    Thanks! Great idea on how to divide up the buttons.
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