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Scanning of Stocks of SCTR>90

Dear all,

I am scanning (large cap) stocks with strong momentum and one of the conditions is its SCTR needs to be greater than 90. I know the expression is [SCTR.large > 90].

In the SCTR Reports page, there is a dropdown menu "Select Period" where I can select Intraday, EOD or one week. My question is which period of time is this "SCTR.large" refer to by default?

Many thanks.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2018
    It appears to be calculated from daily values using a variety of look back periods.

    Here's a link to the Chart School article:

    There are several other useful links for SCTRs here:

    The second link comes from a much improved search function now available on the Members Dashboard page (maybe for some time, but I just found it a while ago; it's not easy to see for old guys like me, maybe because it doesn't actually say "Search"). Click on the "magnifying glass" icon under "Help" in the upper right corner. Note on the search page you can refine the results by selecting a category from the drop down that defaults to "Support Articles".

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