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Strange result from Scanning

Hi all,
I scan strong momentum stock using the following script:
[close >= All Time High *.75]
and [type is stock]
and [country is US]
and [SCTR.mid >90]

And one of the hit is a stock called MOMO Inc with SCTR 98.8

However, if I reduce the stringent of the above script (i.e. instead of “All Time High”, I only need to scan stock with price not lower than 75% of its max close (in the past 4 years). The script as follows:
[close >= yesterday's daily max(1000,daily close) *.75]
and [type is stock]
and [country is US]
and [SCTR.mid >90]

However, this time, strangely, the stock MOMO Inc was skipped and cannot be scanned out. I look at the SharpChart and MOMO is at its All Time High with ACTR=98.8.

Hope any user can enlighten me why "[close >= yesterday's daily max(1000,daily close) *.75]" will skip MOMO Inc.

Many thanks in advance.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2018
    I'm pretty sure it is because MOMO hasn't traded 1000 bars yet. That won't happen until December this year. Without 1000 bars of data, the scan engine can't calculate a numerical value for daily max(1000, daily close) to compare to today's close, so it can't say that statement is true, so it skips the symbol.

  • Thanks Markd again. I see. This is very reasonable. This is a little trick I need to remember when using the scan function.
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