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Scan to exclude small cap equities

Is there a way to exclude small cap equities from my scans. Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2018
    Probably the most comprehensive way is to decide what your minimum market cap is ("x"), then include a line like

    and [market cap > x]

    (note: market cap is an option in the "Ticker properties" drop down.)

    Market cap is denominated in millions, so

    and [market cap > 100]

    gets stocks with a market cap greater than 100 million.

    If you want only SCTR stocks, you could say



    [SCTR.large > 0]


    [SCTR.mid > 0]


    "large" and "mid" refer to market cap categories as Stockcharts defines them. It seems they don't use specific numerical figures to define each category, but rely mostly on a stock's membership in popular indexes. Also, they don't label every stock, so this approach would ignore those stocks.
  • Thanks a lot for all your guidance and help on these boards.
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