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Technical Analysis

edited July 2014 in Trading Strategies
I am a position trader and would like to review mutual funds, however, there are a HUGE number of mutual funds on the market, how does one find out the better performing funds.

I would like to find out from more experienced traders which indicators would one use to determine mutual funds and why these in particular.




  • It seems to me that traders would not trade mutual funds because the point of mutual funds is to hold them for at least a certain length of time. My broker says you must hold for at least 30 days. Otherwise, I believe, there is some sort of penalty.

    I think traders would trade ETFs and stocks.

    I never thought of using TA on Mutual Funds because I thought investors, not traders, would use fundamental and other types of research to decide on a mutual fund.

    I suppose you can use TA on Mutual Funds. I would use the same indicators on Mutual Funds that you would use on any other type of security.

    In the scan engine use: [type = fund] to scan mutual funds.

    A position trader? I like to be clear on terminology. Traders trade securities. Traders would open a position by buying or shorting a security at a certain entry price. Your positions normally mean what you currently have open with your broker using real money. I also reference positions that are closed as closed positions.
  • Market Wizard Gil Blake traded mutual funds.

    Comparing mutual funds to the S&P should filter out the best performers.
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