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German and Italian stocks

Hello everyone, I love stockcharts and everything she does but I'm baffled by the fact that there is no coverage for Germany. I understand why the Milan exchange wouldn't be covered but what do you do. Does any members have a secondary charting service to follow those markets that doesn't include eSignal or metastock.

Any comments are greatly appreciated thank you


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2018
    A google search on "dax real time charts" gets a few hits, like or Neither appears to work like Stockcharts, but might be helpful. Interactive Brokers has lots of features for foreign trading if you have an account (min 10K), mostly oriented toward professionals, so the interface is pretty complicated. If I remember correctly, Stockcharts had some european markets but dropped them for lack of interest at the time.
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    I'm with Interactive brokers. Great broker I just wish stock charts would do EOD data for more markets
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    Couldn't agree more. As a global investor I would like to work on the same platform for various markets. StockCharts should offer good quality end of day data on MSCI developed markets. By this they could expand their business nicely and even challenge Bloomberg when it comes to global technical charting.
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    Stockcharts should take a poll. I would pay more
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