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Predefined Tech scan "bullish 50/200-day MA crossover"

Predefined Technical scan "bullish 50/200-day MA crossover" returned 38 charts on 7-9-18 at 8:10PM PDT. Of these 38 charts: 3 x on 7-9; 12 x in 1 to 4 day prior; 12 x 5-10 days prior; 3 x 11-20 days prior; 2 x 21 days prior; 6 never x positive on 6 month chart.

Same type of results when create crossover scans on Advanced workbench. I can understand a data delay of a couple days, but to have 29% crossed 2 weeks to never is pretty loose results.
Any possible explanation for this?


  • I don't get the same results as you do. I get 38 hits (4:45 am EDT 7/10), but they all cross as expected.

    You can see this if you put your results in a scratch list and apply the SCC Default chart style. The cross occurs on the very last bar.

    However, I don't see how this code could have produced those results:

    [type = stock]
    AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]
    AND [Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) > Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]
    AND [Yesterday's Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) <= Yesterday's Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]

    This code is what you get if you click on "click here to edit this scan" on the pre-defined results page. I think there is a line missing for today's closes that would read

    AND [Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) > Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]

    A better last line should be

    AND [SMA(50,Daily Close) x SMA(200,Daily Close)]

    But this scan may have been written before the "x" operator (crossover) was introduced.

    Also, please check whether your chart style is using EMAs instead of SMAs. EMAs will give a different result because the scan uses SMAs.
  • Markd thanks!! my default shart style has EMA's instead of SMA. Made all the difference. My bad
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