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Is there anyway to open the same chart in two different time frames? say one week, one yr and one month one yr? I'd like to compare them but cannot find away to do this..

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    A couple of ways to do that.

    One way is to use Gallery view, which is one of the list View options. Gallery view shows you intraday, daily, weekly and P&F charts on the same page (which requires scrolling down). You can customize the Gallery views as explained here:

    However, Gallery view does not accommodate monthly charts.

    The second way is to create a chart style for each time frame - one for weekly, one for monthly. Then, open the same chart (or list of charts), in separate browser windows (Firefox uses the term "window", Internet Explorer uses "session").

    In one window, enter a symbol or open a list in 10 per page or Chartbook view , and click on a chart to bring up the Chart Workbench

    Select the first style, say daily, from the chart styles drop down. If you are in a list, go to the bottom of the page and click "Apply Style to All".

    Now do the same in the second window with the same list or symbol, but choose the weekly style and apply to all.

    Now you can switch back and forth between browser windows to compare daily and weekly charts.


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